Arrestee Support

Have you been arrested ?

The guide below will explain what might happen next, but if you would like to talk to someone then phone the GBC hotline on 07946 541 511

When you were arrested, did the police tell you what offence they were arresting you for?

When you were released it will have been for one of these reasons

  • you may have been released on police bail. If so you will have been given a document, and given a date to report back to a police station and given certain conditions (things you may not do). When you return the police may wish to interview you, extend your bail period, charge you, or release you with no further action. Be prepared for an interview by contacting a solicitor beforehand, so they can represent you at your interview. There is more information about police bail and  interviews below
  • you may have been released pending further investigation. If so the police can hold your case open for an indefinite period, and at any time may call you in for an interview, charge you or let you know the case is finished and there is no further action to be taken against you.
  • you may have been charged with an offence. If so you will have a document that specifies the charges and gives you a time and place for you to appear before a magistrate. There is more information about this below, but it is the start of a process that will probably lead to you having a trial. You will only have a trial if you have been charged.
  • you may have been given a caution. The police may let you think this is just a ‘slap on the wrist’ and there are no consequences. Unfortunately this is not quite correct. If is formally an admission of guilt from your part, and it will remain on your record. Read more about this below

Do you think you might be arrested at a future action ?

To be arrested the police must have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have committed an offence, and will ask for your personal details (name, address, nationality etc).